Bourbon Steward Classes

Become a certified bourbon steward as Logan and Mac lead you through Stave and Thief’s Certified Bourbon Steward Program

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Fancy yourself a bourbon expert? Let’s put your knowledge to the test in a fun and interactive class with fellow bourbon enthusiasts. Logan and Mac of The Basement Rickhouse will lead you through Stave and Thief’s Certified Bourbon Steward Program. This in-depth program is designed so that once you’re a Bourbon Steward, you’ll be able to discuss America’s native spirit both confidently and accurately, as well as be able to make recommendations to friends, family, and others based on their individual taste preferences. And of course, Logan and Mac will put their spin of storytelling and history behind this great content.

What you’ll learn

  • What makes a bourbon a bourbon, and how it is different from other whiskeys
  • What the different descriptors of bourbon mean
  • The science behind distilling and aging
  • Identify Kentucky’s heritage brands and which distilleries produce them
  • Accurate bourbon history, including Kentucky’s role in its creation
  • Build a virtual flight of 3 bourbons demonstrating the relationship among the products, describing their characteristics and nuances with nosing and tasting notes

What you’ll receive

A study guide book with all of the information that will be covered A unique code found in the book for taking the online test If you pass, you’ll receive a pin that you can wear everywhere but the shower (that might hurt) (Humble) bragging rights that you can use to “one up” all of your friends at the bar A personalized experience with your friends at The Basement Rickhouse – Logan and Mac

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